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Beauty Med – France – Medical – ATG group
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Beauty Med – France

Beautymed fully dedicated to the research of new dermo-cosmetic solutions with a high quality and a professional efficiency, Beautymed became an essential and dynamic player in the high-tech cosmetics domain, acclaimed by dermatologists and beauty salons. Beautymed puts its expertise to serve efficiency and well-being to its customers.Thanks to its quality and service requirements, Beautymed is able to offer targeted quality solutions, suitable to each specific skin while providing unmatched textures, inviting the consumer to a new universe of well-being. As part of the formulation of its products, Beautymed uses classified pharmaceutical ingredients. Tolerance tests are conducted, and innovations are based on objectived active ingredients to ensure performance and efficiency by providing real added value to the products. To secure and improve the safety and quality of Beautymed products, part of them is also dermatologically tested (All tests and technical informations are available on request).